For Shoppers


       1. Why should I shop at ProvisionShop.com.sg when they are many other online stores or even physical stores to buy from?    

  - ProvisionShop.com.sg priced, most if not all of its items at the same price as the major online and physical stores in Singapore. Since it is the same price, why won't you buy your monthly grocery from us, since you can save 1% off the amount if you join our Partner Program? And you can start earning passive income by referring friends to buy from us via your Unique Partner Link.   


  2. Is there a delivery fee?      

 -  There is a $6 delivery fee for orders below $100. Free delivery on orders above $100. We are working on the Ambassador Program to provide lower fee and more convenient time to collect your items. Customers can also opt for the Home Delivery + plan whereby they get 12 delivery credits for only $30 within a year.        


3. What if the item I ordered is not delivered to me or I receive the wrong item?        - Simply drop us an email within 24 hours at contact@provisionshop.com.sg and we will investigate the issue. If it is our mistake, we will exchange or deliver the item free of charge to you as soon as possible.      


 4. What payment mode is available?      

- We may accept credit/debit card payment through PayPal secure checkout. We are a PayPal verified merchant. For those who do not have credit/debit card, we accept internet banking or fund transfer too.      


 5. Can I track my delivery?      

- Our items will be sent to the address you stated on the checkout page. We are currently working with our partner delivery company to implement a tracking system. For now, you can email us at order@provisionshop.com.sg to track your order.      


6. What can I do if the items that I want to purchase is not listed on ProvsionShop.com.sg?      


- We deliberately avoid listing items which are fragile, a need to maintain freshness and those which have a short lifespan/expiry date. ProvisionShop.com.sg position ourselves as a network marketing online grocery store, not as a full flag supermarket. But we are adding suitable products weekly to increase the choices for shoppers. You can suggest an item to be listed by dropping us an email at feedback@provisionshop.com.sg.    



      For CPP Partners


       1. Can I have more information about the Chap He Diam Partner Program before I join?        

- Chap He Diam Partner Program (CPP Partner Program) is a Free to join program. It only takes less than 5 minutes to register for an account. After you send us a copy of your identity card, we will verify and approve your application most of the times. We will then provide more information and marketing materials for you to build up your referral/team. Please note that we only accept Singaporean/PR above 18 years old.      


 2. Can I earn from my own spending on ProvisionShop.com.sg?      

 - Definitely! You earn 1% of all sales amounts spent on ProvisionShop.com.sg that comes through your Unique Partner Link, including your own shopping of your household grocery. No minimum amount needed to earn the 1%. We do not believe in confusing points exchange and redeem system which actually works out to be less than 1% earning from the sales amounts.      


3. How do I know if any shoppers or referrals spent on ProvisionShop.com.sg through my Unique Partner Link?    

 - Our World class online partner portal is able to track real-time when traffic comes to the store through your Unique Partner Link. You can test it yourself by visiting ProvisionShop.com.sg through your link and even do a test buy to prove that the platform is keeping track of all your sales and commission. But please note that the commission will only be approved and appeared in your online partner platform after the customers have made the payment and our finance team has verified it.        


4. How do I earn from my referrals?      

-  You will need to be active for the calendar month in order to earn from your referrals spending for that particular month. Just ensure a minimum spending of $68 on ProvisionShop.com.sg via your Unique Partner Link to be in an "Active" status. The $68 minimum amount includes those shoppers (who are not CPP Partners) who purchase items from the online store via your link. You do not have to personally spend that $68, which in the first place is a reasonably low amount for an average household spending on grocery per month. You earn 1% on your direct referral and 2 levels down of indirect referrals ( total 3 tiers).      


5. Is there a minimum target I must hit to remain in the Partner Program?  

    - There is no minimum target to hit to remain in the Partner Program. But we will review all partner accounts periodically. If there is not much activity in your account within a year, we reserved the rights to terminate your partner account. If you are terminated, you will not be allowed to rejoin the Partner Program within the next 1 year.      


6. How much can I earn as a Partner of ProvisionShop.com.sg?    

 - In short, the Sky's the limit! You can do the referring/team building activities when you are free after work in the weekday evening or during the weekend. You can also do it full time by doing cold call door to door pitching, distributing of flyers or post ads online on Facebook and other social media to build up your referral/team. Once they are signed as a CPP Partner under your account, they will be locked for life as your referral/team. You will earn on their personal spending or their visitors' spending on ProvisionShop.com.sg as long as you remain active for that calendar month. A Real Passive Income Stream without any worry about the stock availability, item delivery, billing, customer service or complicated compensation plans.        

 eg. You have 10 friends joined the CPP Program via your Unique Partner Link. And each of them refer another 10 of their friends to join. Then these friends each refers another 10 friends.        

 So you will have 1,111 friends, including yourself on your team. Based on statistics, the monthly average spending on groceries is about $100-$300. Even if you calculate based on the very low end of $100 each month x  1,111 friends x 0.01% earning, you EARN $1,111/month!    

  Passive income without doing anything much or asking your friends to buy things that they do not really need. In the CPP Partner Program, they are buying everyday household items which they are already buying at the heartland grocery store. No high ticket items or the need to educate your friends about the products. It is what they ARE ALREADY buying and spending WITH or WITHOUT this CPP Partner Program, each and every month.    

 What if each of you refers 20 friends? What if the average spending per month is $200? This is a no-brainer business opportunity.       

With the power of multiplication and consistent effort, your team and income will grow. With our lifetime team lockup structure and regional expansion, you will get to enjoy an endless stream of passive income. In a few years time, you could be earning from people who you do not know personally and living in other countries or you could be looking for another part-time job to supplement your income and with no time to enjoy life.      




     For Ambassador 


    1. Why are only HDB Flat owners eligible to apply for the Ambassador Program?      

- First of all, we set up this Ambassador Program to provide some income stream for the average Singaporean. If you live in a condo or landed property, most likely you do not need those small amounts of money. And we also consider the fact the condo property may not be that convenient for the customers to access through the checkpoint. And landed area may not be centralized enough to have much demand.      


2. How much can I earn as an Ambassador?      

- It really depends on the demand for your location. If there is a lot of ProvisionShop.com.sg shoppers around your estate, your demand may be much higher. And as an Ambassador, you are welcome to join our Partner Program. So you can double benefit when you encourage and spread the words to your neighbors and friends to buy from ProvisionShop.com.sg via your Unique Partner Link and collect their items at your house. You earn $1 per customer order for just staying at your home doing your own stuff.      


3. Can I join both the Ambassador and Partner Program?    

- Yes! But please note that one Singapore identity card can only apply for one Partner account and one household/address can only apply for one Ambassador account. Both accounts can be the same identity card. And each program is subject to their own terms & conditions and selection process. There is no guarantee or direct correlation that you will be approved to be an Ambassador even if you are approved as a Partner, vice versa.      


4. What does ProvisionShop.com.sg look for in an Ambassador house?  

   - One thing we definitely look for is the cleanliness of the house. And if there is too much clutter in the living room to put the customers' items. We may do a spot check of your house before and after approving your account.      


5. What if I am not at home when the customers come to collect their items?      

- You should be at home on the agreed time slot and day as on your application. Of course, we understand that things do happen last minute, but you must inform us as soon as possible so that we can arrange with the customer to collect their items on another day/time slot.    


 6. What if there is a dispute on the items in the packet when customers come to collect their order?      

- You will have to check and signed to acknowledge all the items in each packet are as listed before we leave them in your house. If there is still a dispute over the items in the packet when the customer came to collect their order, we will make an immediate investigation and suspend your Ambassador account until further notice. A police report will be made if we found out that you took the items for whatever reason. Trust us, honesty is the best policy if you want to earn money in this program.